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Xtra Auto Detailing

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Xtra Auto Detailing has been serving the Edmonton area for over 5 years.

While we are a small company, we have the tools and the dedication to provide individual and personalized services to our customers. The pride we take in each vehicle we detail is the same as if it were our own. We will work with you to ensure the service level is both what you want and need. We aren't going to sell you just a service, we are selling you personal service and attention to detail that you want for your vehicle.

We know that your vehicle is important to you. We know you take "pride in your ride", and so do we.

Why Choose Us:
When it comes to your vehicle, you want the best without breaking the bank. You may wash your car, but what we do is more. We ensure it is not only clean, but we put life back into it.

Detailing is more than just washing a vehicle. It is ensuring that the life of the vehicle is extended by removing odors, stains and grime that build up over time. It is also adding protection to your vehicle's paint and upholstery. You can wash your vehicle, but do you have the time to thoroughly clean and help extend your vehicle's life? We do and we are here to help.

Hand Wash and Hand Dry to prevent scratching to your paint or oxidizing spots.
Pet hair Removal to remove allergens to people you come into contact on a daily basis who may be allergic.
Ozone Odor Removal to remove nasty and unpleasant smells.
Decal/Bumper Sticker Removal
Industrial Fallout Removal to remove paint corrosive material to extend the life of your vehicle's paint.
Engine Wash/Degreasing to remove dirt and contaminants to extend the life of your engine seals and components.
3M Protection to protect your vehicles paint from rocks and debris.
These are just some of the reasons to detail your vehicle. Ultimately the most gratifying is to take "pride in your ride".

Location: Edmonton

Street Address:
4415 76 Ave Edmonton, AB T6B 0A3


Phone:   780.440.1910

Xtra Auto Detailing

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Xtra Auto Detailing
4415 76 Ave Edmonton, AB T6B 0A3

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